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Kim Dan

Diamond Master, joined Atomy in May 2018

My life until now has been a series of challenges about new things. The first challenge was to discover the truth about the universe. I have been searching for the answer in physics, mathematics, meditation. And the second challenge for me is to experience as many jobs as possible. So I went around Korea to work in various fields such as growing cows, pigs, construction of buildings or greenhouses, serving in restaurants, washing dishes, taking care of children in camping sites, kimchi factory, etc. The third challenge was to travel around the world to live at least two-three months in one country. I still haven’t done many things but what I am sure is working together with people in Atomy is one of the happiest experiences I have ever experienced in my life. Working together for each other’s success, no need to compete, going for the ultimate success.

One of a friend of mine had told me about Atomy when I was living in Vietnam 2 years ago. At the time I was working as a Vietnamese interpreter and a manager of a Korean restaurant. But I kept finding the opportunity to do my own business. When I found about Atomy and the business didn’t need financial investment or particular skills, I thought I can do it as the other successful people in Atomy did despite many difficulties. And that was the pivotal point of my life. I introduced and recommended products for people around me and gradually made consumers and eventually some people who are also interested in Atomy business like me. With those people, I worked as a team and became a Sales Master after a year and a Diamond Master 6 months after that. Atomy is the business that pays off what you make effort honestly. I realized that people with a good heart can be successful in Atomy because it is the business with teamwork and no competition. Atomy system will make you successful.

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