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Ajith Krishnan


Ajith Krishnan an Entrepreneur, enthusiastic engineer cum product developer and designer serving to major domestic, international manufacturing units like L&T, CG, ABB, JK Ansell, Kenstar, Cummins etc. With 23 years of diversified exposure and deep experience in New Product Design / Introduction (NPD / NPI), Plant Experiments (PLEX) Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), etc. He had been heading various departments challenging the profile outputs with dedication, hard work, team spirits to achieve organizational goals and growth together.

Also he is nature & pet lover, vivid traveller, Co founder of NGO, Kartaviyam Foundation with aim of increasing green belt by planting trees, reducing deforestation and carbon foot prints.

On the point that good team leaders will always result in upholding success, being this a platform of leadership and goals, he joined Atomy to strive and encourage more leaders to link on..