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30 Days Money Back​

30 Days Money Back​
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Salient Feature about MULTI LEVEL MARKETING

What we love most about this industry is helping others, the personal development, the ability to be your own boss and call your own shots, working from a laptop anywhere in the world, and the annuity income.

Our experience in this industry is similar to most people…. It has not been easy for anyone & it is a constant, up-hill challenge.

One mentally quits thousand of times & even physically quit a few times.

Despite the difficulty one had for many years, the industry always appeals him/her.

It’s like a disease I couldn’t get rid of. We truly believe that once you learn about, and understand Annuity Income, it never leaves your blood. You will spend the rest of your life trying to create it, and rightfully so.


1. Residual income (this one thing alone makes it worth it, everyone needs residual income)
2. Leverage without needing employees or capital
3. No need for a store, Godown or Office.
4. A two-five years plan to complete financial freedom
5. Low start-up costs, less than a few hundred dollars
6. Start part-time, without giving up your day job or primary source of income
7. Work from anywhere in the world
8. Free mentors
9. Personal development plan
10. No need to source or inventory products
11. No accounts receivable
12. No paperwork
13. No need to collect payment or deliver products
14. No territories
15. Recognition and Praise
16. Global Travel
17. No need to research and develop products
18. The company does the customer service, deliveries, refunds, product development and sends you a check each month
19. You only succeed if you help other people succeed
20. Unlimited earnings potential; no ceiling on earnings

Seriously… stop and think about this for a minute! Try to name even one other business model that offers all of these things.

One Makes mistakes in MLM industry like any other industries and we have tried listing  some of the common mistakes which could have been avoided so that one can become better leader and fine network marketer and finally entrepreneur in the process. The biggest mistakes notable are :

  • Not committing to one company for the long haul
  • Picking the wrong company
  • Only having one foot in, not being “all in”
  • People tend to work in multiple businesses and do not focus on multi level marketing in initial days.
  • Getting hooked to easy money MLM propositions rather than sticking to product based companies.
  • Not having a clear daily mode of operation for my business consistently
  • Not being persistent and consistent with my business day in and day out
  • By not trusting the experience of upline leaders, people tend to reinvent the wheel and waste time.
  • Last but not the least by not enhancing the knowledge about company / plan / products leaders create unusual dependencies on there upline and eventually lose respect of their downline members.

100% Refund Policy

Atomy has 100% refund policy for returned goods

30 Days Money Back Gurantee

You can return products in 30 days for full refund

Fast Home Delivery

Home delivery of every product in max 2 days

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Atomy's MASSTIGE strategy

Provide Absolute Quality products at an Absolute Price.